Bike the C-bus

Biking the Cbus

Riders in Year 1, way back in 2008.

Riders in Year 1, way back in 2008.

We've got a great little ride the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, perhaps you've heard of it—Bike the Cbus? Well, whether you have or have not, there are at least a few things you don't know about this gem of an experience. And there is so much to be excited about as we unveil new elements for this year's ride:

Big Reveal #1 NEW START and END location!!!! Each year our riders find fantastic places they did not know existed. Discovering something new on a ride is great. Taking time to explore a new place over lunch with bike friends is even better. So we've decide to move the start and end of Bike the Cbus around Columbus to do just that. We start this traveling treasure hunt with one of our biggest supporters Elevator Brewing Co. 13th Floor Taproom. The Elevator Brewing Company was founded in 1999 by a Father/Son drinking team committed to delivering quality craft beer to authentic people. Riders have the opportunity to wander around the brewery post ride to see the big tanks in action.

Lunch will again be provided as part of registration from one of multiple food truck vendors. And, yes, the taproom will be open for business post ride.

Draft 2016 route.

Draft 2016 route.

Big Reveal #2 NEW ROUTE!!! We'll be honoring our new mayor, Mayor Andrew Ginther, by highlighting his priority neighborhoods of the Hilltop and Linden for the first time. Our new route literally takes us to places we've never been before. We'll also browse through some of the love letters (bike infrastructure) written (constructed) by the fine folks at the Department of Public Service under the leadership of our new Director, Jennifer Gallagher. Yay Engineers!

Bike the Cbus, an urban ride in the tradition of Tour de Troit and Pedal PGH, is Columbus' oldest and only organized city-wide bicycle ride. On it, we highlight several inner-ring neighborhoods on a route totaling 25–30 miles (though you don't have to go the whole distance; there are several bail points). Last year we also launched Bike the Cbus+, an extremely unique, exclusively urban metric century ride that tours Franklin County. People said it couldn't be done, that it shouldn't be done, but we did it anyway. And it was GLORIOUS!

As with all things Yay Bikes!, Bike the Cbus has been designed to create an experience of place while acclimating cyclists to riding the roads. We want you to have an unparalleled experience of this city, and we want you to be on your bike for it. We want you to ride parts of this route again and again, because you'll know it leads to places you need to go—for work or childcare or worship or whatever—and places you want to go, simply because it's a joy to be on a bike in that part of town. This ride can make a cyclist of you! 

Are you new to a ride like this? Don't be scared. The route is well marked, our rest stops explore neighborhood gems, mechanical stops are sponsored by local bike shops at multiple points throughout the route, and a couple of friendly folks "sweep" the route making sure no rider is left behind. Check out last year's photos and know you are going to have a wonderful day.

Are you an experienced rider looking for something a little different than the typical fitness ride? Bike the Cbus+ a metric century on city streets might be just the solution. This ride is led AND swept by well trained guides who know the route. They also know how to travel city streets with cars and will help you greatly expand your definition of a rideable road. Bike the Cbus+ travels in groups of 20(ish) people with the slowest group traveling at approximately 14 mph, and the quickest group traveling at 18 mph. This ride is SAG supported with 3 quick stops for nutrition, hydration, AND and indoor toilets. Yep, plumbing, sinks, air conditioning, the works.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Sunday, July 31, at 11:59pm, the cost to register for Bike the Cbus and Bike the Cbus+ will rise. And registrations Aug 1 and beyond DO NOT INCLUDE this beaut of a tee (though a limited number will be available for an additional fee of $15 each):

Our 2016 tee, designed by Jeremy Slagle of Slagle Design. 

Our 2016 tee, designed by Jeremy Slagle of Slagle Design. 

It's clear what you need to do: REGISTER NOW! This ride has the potential to utterly transform how you see Columbus and your place in it. Get. On. That. Bike. And. Ride. Bike. the. Cbus. (or. Bike. the. Cbus. +) There are also ample opportunities to volunteer—many of which allow you to also enjoy the rides and all of which provide you a free tee and an exclusive opportunity to join our pre-ride route vetting ride. 

Bike the Cbus and me

Mr. Brian Jackson, in action!

Mr. Brian Jackson, in action!

I had been biking a couple of months just to work, which was about 3 miles. Aside from that I didn’t bike in the road. I would ride the bike paths on the weekend to get longer rides. I saw the Bike the Cbus signs on my commute from Olde Towne and convinced my friend that we should ride it.

Bike the Cbus went through every Columbus neighborhood that I want to hang out in in a single day. It made me realize that all the places I want to visit are safely reachable via bicycle.

Bike the Cbus was the tipping point between weekend bike path rider and treating my bike as a legitimate form of transportation.
— Brian Jackson, Yay Bikes! member and Bike the Cbus veteran

Do you have a story to share about why you ride Bike the Cbus or its impact on your life? Send it to Catherine Girves at!

Announcing the official 2015 Bike the Cbus tee


In addition to being a bicycle enthusiast, Thom Glick is an award-winning illustrator. For over a decade he has worked with clients from all over the world, producing illustrations for magazines and newspapers, galleries, greeting cards and apparel. In 2015, Thom completed an MFA at Columbus College of Art & Design, with a focus on visual narrative and animation. Currently, Thom lives with his partner, Zuzana, and their dog, Pilot, in the German Village area. You can follow Thom's work online







Bike the Cbus 2014 report

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.23.50 AM
Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.23.50 AM

When you support Yay Bikes!  >>  Bike the Cbus happens!


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major sponsors


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 for other Near East Side nonprofits

Yay Bikes! acquired Bike the Cbus from the Long Street Businessman's Association in 2014, and we couldn't be more excited to steward this gem of a ride. Now in its 7th year, Bike the Cbus is Columbus' premier annual neighborhood ride and a must-have experience, dear to us for all it creates in the world: vibrancy in struggling neighborhoods... funding for cyclist safety education on the Near East side... support for small local businesses... experiences of joyfulness and adventure... and the advancement of our mission to increase trips by bike. Please consider an end-of-year gift to help Yay Bikes! expand our impact through Bike the Cbus and other programming next year. 

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.   

~ From all of us at Yay Bikes! ~

Bike the C-Bus Superstars 2014

In 2014, we once again leaned heavily on Bike the Cbus founder, lead organizer, and champion - Ray George. But even Ray, as incredible as he is, could not do this alone. Here is the wonderful team that made Bike the C-Bus 2014 happen: Nik Olah, Bambo Sanusi, Mitzy Noisette, Roger Beck, Michelle Rucker, Doug Fisher, Annette McKinney, Catherine Vogel, Rahel Babb, Thomas Babb, Brian Meyers, Lawrence Leonard, Thomas Leonard, Roderick Leonard Sr., Deanne Kirillow, Tim Cristy, Brian Laliberte, Oulanje Regan, Cherie Snyder, Brian Jackson, John Bannon, Steve Puhl, Josh Gallaher, Phil Weckesser, Wiley Jackson, Cartik Saravana, Alex Smith, John Cresencia, Alex Anderson, Andrea Patton, John Wyman, Katie Parsons, Gloria Hendricks, Evy Cresencia, Talon Hendricks, Ken Cohen, Aliceane Innskeep, Becky Curran, Joe Powell, Jeff Gove, Kat O'Dowd,  Rob Hendricks, Mark Ervin, Nancy Neimuth, Trace Hendricks, Jay Cheplowitz, Mary Cheplowitz, Ben Ko, Meredith Joy, Bill Ferriot, Kai Landis, Annie Womak, and Catherine Girves

And our fabulous major sponsors:

And the fabulous bike shops who provided free repair services:

And our fabulous rest stops sponsors:

Thank you. Seriously. Thank You. This event would not be possible without the dedicated group of volunteers and sponsors who make it happen each year. We love you all!