2017 goal:

We will help 2,500 professionals understand how they can improve conditions for transportation cyclists.

An environment that supports those who ride for transportation stems from professionals with first-hand experience riding roads who have been empowered by advocates to initiate thoughtful change.

Supporting strategies:

1)  Ride with professionals who can influence conditions for transportation cyclists, to help them understand the experience of riding different roadways and bicycle infrastructure

2)  Clarify and advocate for the needs of transportation bicyclists 



Our subject matter experts are available to share about transportation bicycling as panelists, keynote or conference speakers, lunch and learn presenters
and more.

Our Professional Development Rides offer those who can improve conditions for transportation bicyclists an on-road experience that helps them understand their work from the seat of a bicycle.

Our annual ride is part of an international movement honoring cyclists killed or injured on public roadways, and raising awareness that cyclists have a right to the road.

Our relationship with Dero and years of cycling experience helps organizations select the perfect racks for their
bike parking needs.