'Oddities' ride recap


With all due respect to Tom Robbins, as there were no flea circuses or orangutans on today’s trip, more than 70 riders set out to see another roadside attraction during the Yay Bikes June ride. This month’s Year of Yay ride is the 42nd since the program began. The theme of the June Year of Yay ride was Oddities and Craig Clark led the way.

The ride set out under sunny skies from Whole Foods in Upper Arlington. We meandered through Upper Arlington, diverting from out original planned route alongside Griggs Reservoir. The first stop was a true roadside attraction, The Bill Moose Memorial. Bill Moose was the last of the Wyandot Indians that lived in Ohio. His Memorial and gravesite is in a small park at the corner of Lane Road and Riverside Drive.

We left the Bill Moose memorial and headed east on Lane Road, making a right turn after a small portion of the hill that seems to never end. Riding through the old Shelbourne Height and River Lawn neighborhoods of Upper Arlington we passed by another oddity, but did not stop, a chainsaw carved Golden Bear on oxford Drive. We regrouped at the corner of Fairlington and Fishinger, where an officer from the UAPD stopped traffic for us on Fishinger. Thanks!!!

We crossed the Scioto River on Fishinger, headed up the hill to one of our greatest challenges, getting 70 people across I-270 at Fishinger and Cemetery Road. We, riding as a group took the lane and made it over the bridge with no incidents. After a quick stop at Speedway to refill with water, we rode the last two miles to second stop.

The Early Television Museum in Hilliard was the next top of the day. A special thanks to Steve McVoy for opening his collection to the public. There are a couple of hundred sets on display and several more that are still in storage. Some of the favorites of the Yay Bike crowd were the Kuba Komet and the news truck.

We left the museum to make the return trip back to Whole Foods, other than a roundabout and a railroad bridge we were obstacle free on the way back. The skies finally opened up on us once we got to Cambridge Boulevard. We only had to ride the last 2 miles wet and by the time we returned the sun was shining again.