Out & About with Yay Bikes! — May 2015

bexley ride
bexley ride

Welcome to the feature in which we round up all our events, earned media, program delivery, meetings and speaking engagements from the previous month. Behold, May:

May 1 — Leading a How We Roll educational ride with Bexley's Mayor Kessler, Councilwoman Owen, Chief Rinehart & Service Director Dorman

May 2 — Presenting @ Bexley's Safety Education & Expo

May 2 — Pinchflat Bike Poster Show

May 4 — Fundraiser @ Lineage Brewing

May 6 — Delivering the safety speech @ North of Broad & Near East Side Neighborhood Pride community bike ride

May 6 — Meeting with Greg Lestini @ Bricker & Eckler LLP

May 7 — Regular meeting of Mayor Coleman's Green Team, Transportation Committee, on which Catherine serves

May 7 — Planning meeting for Central Ohio's 2015 Ride of Silence 

May 9 — Year of Yay!ride

May 12 — Columbus Dispatch article: "Annual Ride of Silence"

May 12 — Addressing the regular meeting of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners

May 12 —Sharing “How We Roll” @ Pelotonia’s Captains’ night

May 12 — 5th annual Ride the Elevator 

May 12 — Chamber of Commerce guest blog post: "The 'Big 3' Benefits of Riding a Bike to Work"

May 13 — Yay Bikes! button photo 'cameo'! Member Keith Lugs' photo, with YB! surreptitiously featured, was recognized among 23 others in the international bicycle photography competition: "24 Snapshots of Bikes"

May 13 —Board meeting of the Downtown Residents Association of Columbus, on which Catherine serves

May 13 — Board meeting of Community Shares of Mid Ohio

May 14 — Promoting Bike to Work Day on the CD102.5 Morning Show

May 14 — Planning meeting for Central Ohio's 2015 Ride of Silence

May 15 — Leading 2 routes to Columbus Commons on Bike to Work Day, winning the annual participation award and riding with Mayor Coleman and Stinger from the Columbus Bluejackets

May 15 — Information Sessions (2) @ Nationwide Insurance

May 15 — Panelist for the Ohio Young Professionals Weekend & Leadership Summit presentation "2015: The Future of Transportation" w/Wiliam Murdoch MORPC, Curtis Stitt COTA, Julie Walcoff ODOT, Chuck Dyer ODOT, Patty Austin City of Columbus, Chet Ridenour Car2Go, John Justice Café Brioso

May 16 — Columbus Dispatch article: "Coleman, Stinger join hundreds who bike to work today"

May 17 — Pedal Instead @ Columbus Underground's Urban Living Tour

May 20 — Attending MORPC's Bike Safety Lunch & Learn

May 20 — Regular meeting of MORPC's Active Transportation Plan Work Group, on which Catherine serves

May 20 — Participating in COTA NextGen's Project Advisory Group

May 20 — 9th annual Ride of Silence

May 20 — nbc4i report: "'Ride of Silence' Draws Awareness to Cycling Safety"

May 21 — Information Session @ Ulmer & Berne LLP

May 21 — Information Session for OSU's First Year Peer Leaders

May 21 — Columbus Dispatch article: "'Ride of Silence' fills streets with bicyclists"

May 26 — Ride Buddy morning commute with an OSU employee

May 27 —Regular meeting of Columbus’s Bicycle Working Group, on which Catherine serves

May 27 — Presenting at the Columbus Young Professionals Club's Musical Chairs for Charity event

May 28 — Ride Buddy morning commute with a Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center employee

May 28 — Information Session @ NBBJ

May 29 — Ride Buddy lunchtime ride with an Ohio Department of Education employee

May 29 — Ride Buddy evening commute and downtown tour with an NBBJ employee

May 30 — Planning meeting for Bike the Cbus

May 31 — Ride to begin vetting Bike the Cbus routes