'Superheroes' ride recap

Cyclists? Or comic book superheroes?

Cyclists? Or comic book superheroes?

Aliceanne Inskeep, with assistance from Jeff Gove, put together a fabulous adventure for the November, 2014, chapter of Year of Yay!  Their inventive take on a super heroes theme landed us in some interesting and unusual locations.  They are pictured here after having successfully consulted with Zeus, the Greek god of the sky.  They were able to negotiate some superb, fall weather. After learning about what's new and happening at Yay Bikes! from our executive director, Catherine Girves, and briefs about safety and the route, we began our journey out of Whole Foods towards our first destination.

St. Stephens Community House was originally established to assist Catholics immigrating to Columbus from Italy, Hungary and Yugoslavia, following the great war. The Barthman Avenue Catholic Community was formed in 1919, and  later morphed into St. Stephen's CommunityHouse. It served new immigrants to acclimate to their new home and gain citizenship.  Moving from its South Side origins to the Linden area in the early 1960's," the organization established itself as a much-needed resource for the neighborhood.  Since 1965, St. Stephen’s has focused its service in the Greater Linden area, weaving itself into the fabric of the community."  We were received warmly with a reception from the staff who gathered our donations, served a variety of hot teas, and gave us a tour of the facility and numerous programs designed to serve the Greater Linden area.


We left St. Stephen's knowing we had just experienced a place of heroic standing for so many in the community and headed towards our second destination. We traveled west by northwest through part of the Linden area business district on Hudson Avenue. We wound our way around the University district and Clintonville's Overbrook Ravine as we neared the legendary Laughing Ogre, where super heroes are immortalized on the written page and in the illustrated form. Riders couldn't help but be impressed by the variety of products. This was a first for many of us who had not ventured into an establishment selling comic books since we were children. The industry has come a long way, and the art has taken on greater depth.

Stomachs began to grumble, so in the nick of time, we headed on to nourishment and our next super-hero stop. It was destined to please. Just south of the Park of Roses, on quiet streets,  piled high with the colorful leaves from ancient trees, we were beckoned to the home of Aliceanne's mother, Joanne Inskeep for sweetsfrom Buckeye Donuts and Cider from Ohio apples. We basked in sunshine and each other's company replenishing ourselves for the remainder of the afternoon's destinations. We were just west of the Olentangy River Trail as we began moving around the Webster Park neighborhood to our next super-hero stop.  We traveled across High Street, to the Clintonville home of Artist Paul Volker.

This was one of our tour director's undergraduate art school super heroes. Paul started painting in elementary school where he had to be separated from others as his drawings distracted class-room students. Probably most well known for his "wild beast" paintings, Paul is now working on larger scale works, including the use of 3D elements in painting.  A number of Paul's works were on display including his cards with a number of his well-known images on sale and discounted for riders.

Meandering away from Paul's house, we proceeded through the north part of the University Area district, past North Campus to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, located in Sullivant Hall at The Ohio State University. "The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum houses the world’s largest collection of comic strip tear sheets and clippings. It also is home to unique, original art and manuscript materials...The library has had several former names: Milton Caniff Reading Room, 1977; Library for Communication and Graphic Arts; Cartoon, Graphic, and Photographic Arts Research Library; Cartoon Research Library, 1989; Cartoon Library and Museum, July 2009; and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, September 2009."

From here we ventured through South Campus and cycled our way back to our starting point. A number of riders stayed on at Whole Foods to enjoy the company of fellow travelers and talk of our experiences and a new sense of place. In conclusion, it was a great day with memorable destinations enjoyed by all. Thanks to Aliceanne and Jeff and to all those who volunteered to make this twenty-one mile tour a truly big bucket O' riding fabulousness.