Our public input methodology & how to get involved

Yay Bikes! members reviewing the proposed bicycle accommodations on 4th Street Downtown. Photo credit: MJ Reed

Yay Bikes! members reviewing the proposed bicycle accommodations on 4th Street Downtown. Photo credit: MJ Reed

Of course anyone may feel free to provide their own feedback directly to the city, whether in writing or at their public input meetings! But when Yay Bikes! generates an official feedback on proposed infrastructure projects, this is how it'll go—because although our leadership is comprised of some damn impressive bicycle experts (ahem... if we do say so...!), we refuse to decide our advocacy positions from within a board room. We believe the process described below is more robust and participatory than you will find anywhere in the country, and we hope you will become a member so you can have your voice heard.

Notification of opportunities

Yay Bikes! will announce opportunities to provide input on proposed plans on this blog, on our Facebook page and in our newsletter. Link to us in several ways to ensure you get the message!

Review of proposed plan

Yay Bikes! staff and volunteer leadership review and discuss project design maps,  drafting notes for and planning a group ride of the corridor(s).

Group ride for Yay Bikes! members

All Yay Bikes! members are invited to a group ride on which we evaluate the proposed bicycle accommodations. Staff will review maps with the group one hour before we ride, then catalog input from participants during the ride.

Follow-up research

Yay Bikes! staff and volunteer leadership conduct follow-up research based on input from the larger group, from which a written draft of feedback and recommendations for city staff will be prepared. This report will include:

  • What works well in the proposed design
  • Specific areas of concern with the proposed design
  • Potential solutions or mitigations

Engineers/city staff ride

Yay Bikes! staff present the report in a short presentation to engineers and city prior to a group ride of the corridors' proposed changes.

Final revision & submission

Yay Bikes! staff and volunteer leadership again revise their report based on  information from project staff and additional research, then formally submit it for consideration.

Publishing & promoting feedback

Yay Bikes! publishes its feedback to this blog and promotes both the process and its outcomes to various media outlets.

Participation in public discourse

Yay Bikes! staff and volunteer leadership participate, and organize others to participate, in the public discourse about the corridor being touched. This might include: providing testimony at public hearings, speaking to the press, writing letters to the editor, writing blog posts on the Yay Bikes! web site, posting items on Yay Bikes! social media outlets, encouraging communication from other bike friendly groups to their constituencies, attending public meetings, etc.

Rinse + Repeat