Parking with Yay Valet!


Bike valets allow you to enjoy your event experience, secure in the knowledge that your bicycle is safe from theft and damage. Bike valets are fenced areas staffed by committed volunteers.

To park your bike conveniently at a valet:

  1. Check this site for the dates and locations of our valet and bike to us. If you don't see an event listed, feel free to contact the event coordinator directly to inquire why a valet won't be made available.  

  2. Upon riding up to the valet, a volunteer will provide you a claim tag to fill out. You'll take the bottom portion with you and use it to retrieve your bike later.

  3. Grab anything you need off your bike, ensure everything else is secured, then roll your bike to a volunteer. Sorry, we can't store bags or other loose items!

  4. Go. Have fun. Really! We will keep your bike safe.

  5. Retrieve your bicycle with the claim tag at the end of your visit.

  6. Consider adding to the donation jar before you ride away—we are a nonprofit organization that relies on donations to improve conditions for bicyclists in Central Ohio!


Q. Do I need a lock?

A. No, in fact locks impede our ability to serve everyone well. If you have a lock with you, throw it in your bag or fasten it securely to your bike before you pass it off to one of our volunteers. Our bike valet is fenced and monitored by our volunteers.

Q. Is my stuff really safe?

A. Securing your bicycle is the very reason for our existence! Our valets are fenced and monitored by volunteers who are the only people permitted within the fence for the duration of your visit to the event. However, it is not uncommon for loose items to fall off bikes within the valet. For this reason we ask that everything your leave with the bike is securely attached to its frame. If the item is not designed to be on your bike, or impedes movement of your bike (like a backpack or a sweatshirt), you will need to take it with you.

Q. When does the bike VALET close?

A. The bike valet closes 30 minutes after the event ends.

Q. It’s free, right?

A. The Yay Bikes! Bike valet is always free for cyclists. If you would like to support us, donations can be made here. Thank you!

Q. Crap! I lost my tag! What do I do?

A. No worries, this happens. This is why we ask for your name on the claim check. Come to the valet and show us a photo ID matching what’s on the tag. If there’s a line, you will have to wait until a volunteer is free to escort you through the valet. Please be patient.

Q. My family/friends are biking together, can you park our bikes together?

A. No. We provide quicker service for everyone when volunteers are not all running to the same spot at the same time to retrieve bikes.

Q. Will you put my kids’ bikes on the same ticket as mine?

A. No. We require an individual claim ticket for each bicycle you want returned.

Q. I have a tandem/recumbent/trailer/tall bike. Can you still park it?

A. Yes! Please be patient, as it may take a few minutes to locate a suitable space in the valet to make sure your bicycle has the support it requires.

Q. Do you park strollers/wagons/motorcycles/electric scooters? 

A. No. Our space is often limited and we must make sure space is available for bicycles. Check the festival/event website to prepare for prohibited items.

Q. You look busy. Can I just grab a clipboard and get my tag filled out to speed things up?

A. Please don’t. We appreciate your desire to help, but that can disrupt our parking system. Please simply wait until a volunteer is available to hand you a clipboard with the appropriate type of tag for your bike.

Q. I left something on my bike. Can I run back and grab it?

A. Nope. For the security of everyone’s stuff, we do not allow non-volunteers in the valet unless they are accompanied by a volunteer. Hop back in line, hand us your claim check and we will bring your bike to you.

Q. But I can see my bike, can’t I just get it myself?

A. No. To ensure the safety of everyone's property, volunteers are the only ones permitted in the valet. We are happy to get what you need for you or bring your bike to you so you may get what you need. If there is a line, please hop back in line or be patient as we clear the line.

Q. I lost my [_____] and think it may be at or near the VALET. Did someone find it?

A. Feel free to ask us! We collect any lost items we find. Otherwise you’ll need to check the event’s lost and found.

Q. What happens if I don’t claim my bike on the day of the event before you close?

A. This is why we ask for your phone number! Before we leave the event we will attempt to reach you by phone; if you don’t answer we will haul your bike back to our storage facility. You may contact to schedule a pick-up time Monday thru Friday during regular business hours—please bring a photo ID that matches the name on your claim tag.

Bikes claimed after the close of an event will incur a $25 storage fee, payment of which will both release your bicycle and register you as a Yay Bikes! member, with all the benefits that entails. If you do not contact us within 30 days, your bicycle is considered forfeited and will be donated to a local bike co-op.