Hiring Yay Valet!


Yay Bikes! is proud to offer a premier bike parking solution for your event based on 10+ years of experience parking bikes at major events throughout Central Ohio. Providing a bike valet helps you accomplish several event goals:


Bike valets encourage people to leave their cars at home by ensuring that there is a safe place for their bicycle; particularly cyclists with expensive bikes or "different" bikes (e.g., tandems or those with trailers for their kids) don't feel comfortable locking up to a parking meter. 

LESS event clutter

Bicycles parked in pedestrian thoroughfares are no fun for anyone. 


We are proud to provide an enriching experience for event attendees who travel by bicycle.


By providing secure bicycle parking at your event you reduce car traffic and promote a cleaner, healthier alternative for transportation.

Thank you for your interest in providing free, secure bicycle parking for cyclists at your event. 


With Pedal Instead you get:

  • Experienced staff who will help you optimize your valet experience

  • Promotion of your event on our website and Facebook page

  • Media templates and coaching on how to promote the availability of your bike valet

  • A festive and educational experience for cyclists, "bike curious" attendees and passersby

  • Trained and supervised volunteers to staff the bike valet during 100% of your event

  • Health and environmental data from cyclists who ride to your event

  • Bike parking equipment and supplies, including security fencing


BASE rates

Your fee will be determined by the size of bike valet you choose and your event's number of days. We will help you determine the optimal size of your valet, based on our years of experience; your expected event attendance and location; your prior history of providing a valet and other factors. Our rates for the 2017 season are:

  • Small valet — up to 78 bikes at once / 46’x40’* / $500 per 8-hour event day

  • Medium valet — up to 126 bikes at once / 46’x60’* / $675 per 8-hour event day

  • Large valet — up to 250 bikes at once / 110’x40’* / $1,000 per 8-hour event day

  • Extra large valet — Contact us

*Sizes are approximate; we can create valets of any shape to suit your needs.


Additional fees may apply in the following circumstances:

  • Extended operation — You will be charged $50/hour over 8 hours of operation per day, per valet.

  • Late booking — Events that have not submitted a signed contract and deposit within four weeks of the event will incur a $25/week late booking fee.

  • Extra travel — Events occurring more than 15 miles of Downtown Columbus incur additional costs.


Contact Yay Bikes! to check the availability of the date and to complete a contract, then mail a 50% deposit check with signed contract to Yay Bikes! at the address listed below. After securing your date, Pedal Instead will work with you to finalize logistics for your event. Questions? Contact Heidi@yaybikes.com!