How We Roll

Our How We Roll rides offer an on-road experiential learning opportunity in which participants learn bike law and practice positioning themselves on the road for maximum visibility and predictability.

These rides have increased bicycling knowledge and confidence in thousands of people since our first ride in 2011. Our How We Roll campaign on Ohio State University’s main campus received a Federal Highway Administration award for "implementing an innovative, peer-based strategy to teach college students road cycling etiquette and increase safe bicycling behaviors". (The final report from that pilot can be found here.) We have since trained 157 people across the State of Ohio to lead these rides, an offer them to people of all ages and educational backgrounds.

How We Roll rides are now available monthly FREE to members. Learn more, join or renew your membership and register for a ride by clicking through to one of the events below.

Upcoming rides:

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We've trained How We Roll ride leaders throughout Ohio. Click around on the map to find one close to you!