2017 goal:

We will teach 500 people how to ride a bicycle for transportation.

A person’s ability to ride more places, more often stems from on-road bicycle education that supports and challenges them as they encounter real-world traffic scenarios.    

Supporting strategies:

1)  Ride to places with people who want to use bicycles for transportation and teach them how to ride optimally given current conditions

2)  Train people to lead rides for education and encouragement “The Yay Way”   

Our How We Roll rides offer an on-road experiential learning opportunity in which participants learn bike law and practice positioning themselves on the road for maximum visibility and predictability. 

Our Professional Development Rides offer those who can improve conditions for transportation bicyclists an on-road experience that helps them understand their work from the seat of a bicycle.

Our Ride Buddy rides provide individualized support,
in the form of custom routes and a personal "buddy",
to escort people on their first commute attempt. 



Our Commuter Ride Leader Trainings are rigorous 3+ day immersive experiences that prepare participants to lead How We Roll and Ride Buddy rides "The Yay Way!".