Getting to Know Mr Deo

Deo Martinez, Yay Bikes! Program Manager

Deo Martinez, Yay Bikes! Program Manager

Recently, Yay Bikes! hired a new Program Manager—one Mr Deo Martinez. This is the guy you'll be volunteering with to support all the awesome Yay Bikes! programming, so we thought you'd wanna know a bit about him. Here goes:


Saginaw, Michigan

College & major

Columbus College of Art & Design, Illustration

Former jobs & employers

Slinging food here and there

What's your everyday ride? 

Fuji Track 2016:

When and why did you start riding your bicycle for transportation?

I've been into bikes for a long time, I rode my BMX bike for transportation  and recreation for years. I ended up getting injured doing it and decided to give it up. I sold my BMX and bought Road bike, thus a real bike commuter was born.

What was your most spectacular crash?

I once fell over it front of a sorority party, because my feet were stuck in foot retention.

Fave ride fuel (aka food)?

Anything Seafood! Shrimp, Squid, scallops, mussels! Pass it all my way.

What's the biggest reason you're excited to work for Yay Bikes!?

I'm happy to be part of something that's much bigger than I am. I'm lucky to be in a position to help move this city forward with bicycle commuting and safer transportation.

What most stellar qualities / skills / attitudes / superpowers do you bring to your work with Yay Bikes!?

I believe that I bring a bit to the table in terms of skill and qualities; a different perspective towards bike culture, tallness, art. My attitude is calm, kind and determined. Working under pressure doesn't bother me at all. As for super powers, there might be a rumor out there that I can dance, but who knows?

Why will people definitely want to volunteer this year with Yay Bikes!?

Psh, because I'll be there! I want to know all about your lives while wemake our community a better place forCyclists. Come have fun with me!

Anything else fun we should know?

I have 2 dogs named Alice and Vivan.

I'm a Nerd.

I like to Dance.

I enjoy cooking.

Yay Bikes! is excited to welcome Deo into the fold. So far, so good! We're pretty sure you'll wanna know this guy! ;)