'Crafty cyclists' ride recap

10:00 a.m. on a chilly Saturday morning, 54 eager riders were called to attention to hear Rahel Babb talk about the morning's tour, highlighting the craft locations we would be experiencing. Executive director Catherine Girves (in her new, cycling-specific jacket) updated the crowd on the latest Yay Bikes! news. Shortly thereafter, we were enroute to the Ohio Craft Museum. Meandering through central Upper Arlington toward Grandview, we arrived at our destination. There was ample parking, and as always several cyclists remained near our steeds to ensure they'd be there when we returned from this stop. The museum was filled with affordable goodies at a perfect time for last minute Christmas acquisitions. It wasn't long before riders were stashing their booty. Riders without carrying capacity were invited to stow their purchases with those who rode with bags and panniers for the duration of the tour.  

The morning's chill was going to be stayed by a promising warming up at Luck Bros coffee. Steaming specialty coffees and hot cocoa for all. It's amazing how pleasurable enjoying such water solubles can be in company of cycling friends. Onward through the neighborhoods of lower Grandview Heights, through Harrison West, around the circles adjacent to Battelle, and past the OSU Campus area to our friends at Wild Goose Creative, where another group of local craft people were showing/selling their wares via their Crafts Gone Wild Craft Fair. Parking our bikes on the roof of the building was a uniquely elevating experience.

Our final stop was back at Whole Foods. We cruised across High Street through the Buckeye Village family housing neighborhood, past the Jesse Owens Memorial stadium, Bill Davis stadium, and both sections of Chadwick Arboretum. Whole Foods had invited riders to leave coats and hats in the main café, grab a cup of hot cocoa and get a personally escorted store tour (free samples galore). We were shown a number of hand-crafted items available at the store, including locally made soap, baskets, cheese, bakery items, and sausage.

A large numbers of riders stayed on for food, drink and camaraderie. We talked of our ride, our plans and the enjoyment cycling has brought to our lives. Another successful tour of place was offered and had by all.