2083 bikes parked at ComFest

140527ComFestCorralWow. Even with the rain and the early closing Saturday, Pedal Instead had another incredible year parking 2083 bikes at ComFest! For those of you wondering what the ComFest running total is since our first bike corral in 2006 <drumroll> 16,597 bikes! One Festival – LOTS of bikes.

This would not have been possible without the kick-ass team of volunteers that did the heavy lifting of creating and tearing down the corral, and storing and fetching bikes, and just generally being outstanding bike babysitters.


Thursday Set Up Team - Maria Cantelmo, David Curran, Catherine Girves, Pamela Gutter, Andrew Hulvey, Craig Kullik, Steve Puhl, Jr, Matthew Wolf. Friday Team – Bill Adams, John Bannon, Anne Bishop, Nate Bishop, Jane Boyer, Tim Brown, Mark Carol, Letitia Cetina, Michael Coakley, Giana Collins, Jeremy Collins, Michel Coconis, Ken Cohen, John Cresencia, Daniel Desantis, Joe George, Catherine Girves, Janelle Henderson, Bharati Jayanthi, Mike Kositzke, Lee Marxen, Kyle McCalla, Duane McCoy, John McDermott, Shillelagh O'Knuckles, Steve Puhl, Jr., Mary Rathke, Melissa Sjostrom. Saturday Team – Bill Adams, Alex Anderson, Laurie Ashline, John Bannon, Dave Beckman, Barb Berger, Sarah Butler, Mike Coakley, Sylvia Collard, Evalyn Cresencia, John Cresencia, Meghan Davis, William Finley, Greg Fisher, Joshua Fouasnon, Catherine Girves, Jeff Gove, Brian Jackson, Wiley Jackson, Jillian Manning, Duane McCoy, Brian Meyers, Julie Mickley, Stephen Nordlund, John Obergefell, Sarah Obergefell, Shillelagh O'Knuckles, Danny Peterson, Adam Porr, Steve Puhl, Jr, Kevin Ralston, Robin Ralston, Matt Raufer, Brian Rinehart, Eric Rush, Alyssa Shaw, Will Smelser, Cherie Snyder, Larry Stuckey, Julie Walcoff, William Whitehead, Bill Withers. Sunday Team – Mark Carol, Jared Finchum, Catherine Girves, Jeff Gove, Jenelle Henderson, Marie Jarden, Yalande Jeffries, Danny Lemmon, Rachel Miller, Sarah Montague, Shillelagh O'Knuckles, Steve Puhl, Jr., Michele Reinhart, Cartik Saravana, Larry Stuckey, Melissa Tewart-Darwin, Jodi Whytenberger.

140628CatherineComFestRainI am particularly thankful to Mike Coakley and Duane McCoy who first found Pedal Instead at ComFest. They are committed volunteers working to improve logistics annually. Thankful to Andrew Hulvey who kept an eye on us all weekend, and was ready to drop everything and be there when needed. Finally, much thanks to my heir, the new Queen of the Bike Corral, Steve Puhl, Jr. We functioned as a well oiled machine on our toughest weekend of the year under his leadership. Join me in pledging fealty to our new Queen. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen! Yay Bikes!