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Blessing of the Bicycles

Join us for a Blessing of the Bicycles at Summit on 16th United Methodist Church! Regardless your religious affiliation, you'll find something here to inspire you and rejuvenate your soul. Here's more about the event from our friends at the church:

Imagine you are riding a bicycle.

Where are you going?

Why are you going by bicycle?

Who is riding with you?

How does the world look to you?

We invite you to join us for an interfaith "Blessing of the Bicycles" ceremony, a celebration of our diverse cycling community and of our various experiences with bicycles.

This will be a time to reflect on the reasons folks in our community choose to bike and to talk about our view of the world from the seat of a bicycle. Remembering how biking has affected our lives and transformed our lifestyles, we will bless and encourage one another. Prayers and good thoughts will be offered for peace and safety in our streets and for respect among diverse modes of transportation.

And, through this time of blessing, we will declare that, regardless of motive, our decision to bike matters. It matters to the earth. It matters to our city. It matters to our bodies. It is a sacred decision.