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Volunteer with Yay Valet! @ TOSRV


Yay Bikes! provides secure, supervised bicycle parking at public festivals and events, and educates the general public about bicycling for transportation.

What's a bicycle valet? Imagine a coat check for bicycles, wherein you are one of the friendly coat-room attendants (only sweatier). You'll be doing one of three things: 

1 Checking bikes—people arrive with a bike, you give them a clipboard with a ticket on it asking for a few pieces of information, you  tear off the bottom of the ticket and give it to them (that is their claim check), attach the top part to the handlebars, and park their bike in the spot the ticket indicates.

2 Returning bikes—people will arrive with a claim check, you will take that and match it to a bike, then return the bike to them.

3 Setting up / Tearing down—a heavy-lifting gig in which you load and unload the van and set up and tear down the corral.

We'll train you on-site and you'll have a blast. Want more information about our bicycle valet? Here ya go!

Register for a shift: