Our new button artist is also our first member: Dylan Menges!

Our new button artist is also our first member: Dylan Menges!


We are calling today’s ride.

We're not going to lie, this was a tough call. The perception predicted earlier moved south, but the stuff that’s coming looks like it will hit mid ride and it is going to be sleet.

Don’t worry, we will ride this ride this year. The stops, the route, and the button are fantastic.

Year of Yay! is a series of 12 monthly bicycle tours that are FREE for members and first-time guests. Year of Yay! is being offered in 2017 through the generous support of the Whole Foods Market at Easton, where each ride will begin and end throughout the year. First-time riders and anyone with questions: join us 15 minutes early (9:45am) to learn the rules of the road and this ride!

This month, ride leader David Curran leads us through a "Then and Now" of how we view alcohol as a community, by exploring two stops on our 15-mile ride through Westerville—the birthplace of the prohibition movement!

Stop #1: Buckeye Brewcraft in Westerville is your best choice for a local home brew supply store. They stock equipment and ingredients to make your own beer, wine, cider, cheese and more at home. They also offer classes and workshops on various subjects and skill levels, from Intro to Brewing and Intro to Wine Making classes, to Yeast Harvesting/Ranching. 

Stop #2: Anti Saloon League Museum. From 1893 to 1933, the Anti-Saloon League was a major force in American politics. Influencing the United States through lobbying and the printed word, it turned a moral crusade against the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol into the Prohibition Amendment to the United States Constitution. This museum is based on a large collection of Anti-Saloon League documents and artifacts, bequeathed to the Westerville Public Library. 

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*New year, new rules! You must register in advance or plan to arrive early to register on-site.