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September's button, courtesy artist Thom Glick

September's button, courtesy artist Thom Glick

Year of Yay! is a series of 12 monthly bicycle tours that are FREE for members and first-time guests. Year of Yay! is being offered in 2016 through the generous support of the Whole Foods Market at Easton, where each ride will begin and end throughout the year. First-time riders and anyone with questions: join us 15 minutes early (9:45am) to learn the rules of the road and this ride!

This month, ride leader Kathleen Koechlin brings you the theme RESILIENCE! defines “resilience” as the “ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.” In honor of the 15th anniversary of 9/11, this month’s ride leader, Kathleen Koechlin, is going to take us places that exemplify resilience. 

Stop #1: Our first stop will be at the Somali Community Association of Ohio (SCAO). The civil war in Somali, which began in 1991, led people to flee the violence, instability, disease, and famine that engulfed their country. They left all their belongings, and sometimes their families, to escape to refugee camps in the hopes of relocating for a better, safer life. Ohio has the second largest Somali population in the United States. Hassan Omar, President of the SCAO, will describe what it is like to be a Somali in Columbus, as well as talk about the Somali culture and the services offered by the SCAO.

Stop #2: We will then head to First Responders Park in Westerville. There we will meet Tom Ullom, retired firefighter and founder of the park. He will tell the story of how the piece of World Trade Center (WTC) Steel, known as C-40, came to find a home in Westerville. This piece, which measures 18 feet long, 8 feet wide and weighs 2 tons, was part of the federal investigation into the collapse of the WTC towers. It once spanned the 98th-101st floors on the north face of WTC 1, which was struck by a 767 aircraft at 8:46am on September 11, 2001. Tom will also describe his friend and inspiration for the park, fallen firefighter Dave Theisen, whose memory is honored at this site with a sculpture called "The Crossing", designed by Steve Geddes and Bob Moore. 

Stop #3: Nature is also resilient, so we will make a stop in Inniswood Metro Gardens. We will join Cindy Maravich, Senior Environmental Educator, at the Gardens Entrance to learn about Inniswood's history, wildlife, and plants.  She will share interesting tidbits about Grace and Mary Innis and the current mission of Inniswood Metro Gardens. Bring your questions and cameras for a visit to one of central Ohio's beautiful public gardens. 

Here's our route!

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