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  • Whole Foods Market 4100 Easton Gateway Drive Columbus, OH, 43219 United States (map)
June's button, courtesy artist Thom Glick

June's button, courtesy artist Thom Glick

Year of Yay! is a series of 12 monthly bicycle tours that are FREE for members and first-time guests. Year of Yay! is being offered in 2016 through the generous support of the Whole Foods Market at Easton, where each ride will begin and end throughout the year. First-time riders and anyone with questions: join us 15 minutes early (9:45am) to learn the rules of the road and this ride! 

This month, ride leader Aliceanne Inskeep brings you the theme OBSESSIONS!

Americans have two notable obsessions: shooting and ice cream. Our June ride takes us to visit two of our New Albany neighbors who can satisfy those cravings—AimHi and Charlotte and Olivia’s Sublime Ice Cream.

The sport of shooting is in many ways parallel to cycling. Safety is paramount, and education is early and ongoing. Equipment and accessories can run the gamut of utilitarian to beautiful, and you can never have enough as you look for that perfect something to add to your collection. Friendships are built that last a lifetime, as you meet like-minded obsessives through events, classes, and collecting.

AimHi, at 10299 Johnstown Rd in New Albany, will offer three 20-minute overview classes for us on guns, shooting and safety, about 20 minutes each session. This safety training will allow you to take advantage of special Yay Bikes! Ride Biathalon promo:  $10.00 will allow you to shoot, and the Aim HI team will score your target. They will also have a discount coupon for shopping at the store. If you have a CCW card, please bring it. AimHi offers: Concealed carry weapons (CCW) training as special firearms training classes for women, teens, and skills development. They cater to those who might be a new shooter and those nervous around fire arms, and also have a gunsmith.

Jim Cushing of Charlotte and Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams will meet us at AimHi. Shameless bike connection: their “Caffeine” flavor is made from beans by Backroom Coffee Roasters/ Trek. Artisan, home-handcrafted ice creams! Plain simple and delicious. They will have a single size walk-about cup for purchase, in an assortment of flavors. YUM!!! Creamy and fabulous, obsessive. You can also see Jim at the New Albany Farmers Market on Thursdays- but meet him first on our June ride!

For those who want to leave early, we'll be providing a lead and sweep who can help you back to Whole Foods.

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