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Year of Yay! FOLKLORE

November's button, courtesy artist Thom Glick

November's button, courtesy artist Thom Glick

Year of Yay! is a series of 12 monthly bicycle tours that are FREE for members and first-time guests. Year of Yay! is being offered in 2016 through the generous support of the Whole Foods Market at Easton, where each ride will begin and end throughout the year. First-time riders and anyone with questions: join us 15 minutes early (9:45am) to learn the rules of the road and this ride! 

This month, ride leader Cassie Patterson will give us a taste of folklore in Columbus. What’s folklore, you ask? Folklore is everyday culture—practices that we often take for granted even though they are central to who we are. The American Folklore Society defines folk traditions as “the things that people traditionally believe (planting practices, family traditions, and other elements of worldview), do (dance, make music, sew clothing), know (how to build an irrigation dam, how to nurse an ailment, how to prepare barbecue), make (architecture, art, craft), and say (personal experience stories, riddles, song lyrics)." Through this ride, we will come to appreciate some of the unique folk traditions of our city!

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